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Recommendations for care

Recommendations for care

15 / October / 2017
Recommendations for care

In order for a composite sink to remain in its original form and please you with its appearance for a long time, you must abide simple rules of its maintenance.

First of all, after the operation the sink must be washed with a normal detergent for dishes (such as Fairy). Thus, fat residues and colorants are removed. It is necessary to remove excess water from the surface of the sink with a cloth or a sponge. This procedure is desirable to do, so that there will not remain whitish or yellowish deposits like spots or streaks when «bad» water (lime, ferruginous water) dries up. If such a coating has already formed, it must be removed with a cloth dampened with food acetic acid (vinegar).

To remove stubborn or old stains, as well as traces of metal utensils, safely use strong plumbing liquids, such as Domestos, Duck and others.

They must be applied to the surface of the sink, then you should wait for 3-5 minutes and rinse it with warm water. This procedure is desirable to repeat at least once a month.

The use of abrasive powders for sink cleaning is not desirable. Their frequent use will lead to more rapid contamination of the sink later on. Note the special case of contamination due to dried aggressive dye liquids such as solutions of iodine, brilliant green or ink. Do not worry. They are fairly easy to remove with a cloth moistened with acetone, which can be purchased at any appliance store.

The internal structure of the sink material is exactly the same throughout its thickness. Therefore the following should be carried out to restore the surface in case of significant mechanical damage such as dents, deep scratches, etc.:

  • Clean the faulty surface with polishing paper, its nominal value should be 180 units.
  • Clean the faulty surface with a cloth soaked in acetone.
  • Clean the faulty surface with a cloth moistened with oil (it is always there in the kitchen).
  • Thoroughly dry the faulty surface with a clean cloth.
  • That’s all. Operate the sink.
Recommendations for care