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History. Florentina today

The history of creation of the Florentina Company is more than 20 years old. During this time, the Russian market of sanitary ware made from cast composites has changed dramatically. We, the Florentina team, were actively engaged in those changes.

Initially, in organizing the company we strove to create a high-tech, world-class production facility to turn out sanitary ware and kitchen sinks made from cast composites.
In designing the production process we focused on the following factors:

  • labor productivity;
  • minimization of human factor in production process;
  • use of innovations in the field of solid body physics and organic chemistry;
  • modern, systematic design approach to development of new products;
  • highly professional personnel.
The Florentina Company team provides a full range of works on development, design, and series production of products from composite materials. We are experts in physics, chemistry, research and development, commissioning and servicing of sophisticated manufacturing equipment. We were the first in Russia to create highly productive conveyer machinery for continuous casting. There is no analogous technology in the domestic industry.

Perfect equipment from the world market leaders for processing composite materials combined with our experts’ professionalism made it possible to quickly establish a European class production facility that operates using its own expertise.


We build a company based on three pillars

Modern research and development center
Design bureau
Highly efficient robotized production
Владимир Копченов. FLORENTINA
We are working for You. We find the practical solutions, that correspond to Your needs. Your pleasure is our object. We are FLORENTINA.
Dr. Vladimir Kopchenov
Head of the Company
Your pleasure is our object!
Your pleasure is our object!